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Restructuring & Insolvency



We advise, litigate and resolve insolvency claims. We collaborate with our clients to generate solutions that meet their commercial and strategic objectives and ensure that in doing so that we provide pragmatic and commercially sensible solutions.

Our experts are agile and scalable. We provide insolvency services in the pre-insolvency space, informal appointments (for example, voluntary administration) and formal appointments (for example, liquidation) in small to large insolvencies. Our clients’ value that our service offering can be tailored to accommodate the funding available to the insolvency practitioner.

Our team possess litigation expertise and an intimate understanding of all major jurisdictions across Australia which includes an agility and flexibility to accommodate the different civil procedure that applies in each of those jurisdictions together with the experience to understand the quirks and preferences of judicial officers that operate within the different jurisdictions.

We understand from our experience with the insolvency profession that it is necessary to have a clear methodology in the pursuit of insolvency claims to ensure that we deliver efficient and quality outcomes. We are proactive, efficient and conscious to ensure that we pursue claims with merit and advise on abandoning claims without merit. Our experience enables us to make these decisions early and communicate with stakeholders promptly.

Our team formulates and adopts a commercial strategy at the outset of their appointment to an insolvency matter to ensure that negotiations are commenced early and to maintain momentum to maximise commercial outcomes without the need for contested litigation.